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Hello everyone, my name is J.R.

I am your host and I welcome you to our website...


We developed this site based on how difficult it is to meet people who are “really into” what you're “really into”. Which is why we specifically designed FanPersonals for finding fellow "fanatics".


Our place is where true fanatics can meet other fanatics for love, relationships and networking. A place where the focus is not just about finding “love”, but about building a network of friends and contacts who are just as dedicated and fanatical as you are.


Whether you are a sports fan, comics fan, video gamer, movie buff, couch potato, art or music lover; you can find someone who shares your same level of fandom.


So join us today!! It is absolutely Free to Join!!

  • Create your free profile today!
  • Then customize your profile with your own pictures and music!
  • Search our site and make new connections!
  • Build your circle of new buddies and comrades!
  • Or even find your "soul mate" (what we like to call your "fan mate")...
  • You can also create your own Chat rooms and submit your own poll questions!
  • As our membership grows, so will our online community!!
  • Tell your family, your friends, tell everyone...

  • We are all fans of something! Show us what you got!!

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