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About us
Now you're probably saying to yourself that there are plenty of "social networking" sites for meeting other fans. But those sites typically don't give you "dating" or "personal" details upfront. Nor do they give you search results in a structured list that you can pick and choose from. When you search our site, you will get a good cross section of personal dating information as well as an individual's level of fandom.

Just think of all those past relationships that you've had where your mate just wasn't into what you were into. Where your fandom became an issue in the relationship because you were just "too obsessed" with your interests.

Well, forget that! Find someone today who appreciates what you are into! Someone who shares your interests! That, my friends, is a relationship that is truly made to last!

And even if you are not looking for “love”, you can still build a network of friends who are just as dedicated as you are.

We have created this site to provide you (the "biggest fan") with a place to meet other fans who are just as passionate and dedicated. We are starting out with a broad scope that covers everything that people are typically fans of--whether it's SPORTS, GAMING, COMICS, MUSIC, MOVIES, TELEVISION or BOOK CLUBS. We really want to bring fans closer to finding that special someone who is just as fanatical as you are.

And if the response and feedback calls for it, we can then spin each "fan base" into different home pages. It all remains to be seen and is really dependent on your response.

So JOIN us today! Search and make new connections! Build your circle of new comrades! Find your "soul mate" (what we like to call your “FAN mate”)!

You owe it to your fandom. You owe it to yourself!

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